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confidence is rewarded

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Imposter syndrome is a pervasive feeling of self-doubt and inadequacy that affects many people, especially women.

We’re tired  of people talking about women having impostor syndrome rather than talking about biases in hiring, promotion, leadership, and compensation.

Imposter syndrome directs our view toward fixing women at work instead of fixing the places where women work. 

We're changing this reality.

Are you ready?

Wednesday 11th May 2022

8PM BST | 3pm ET  | 12PM PT 

"Lauren Currie OBE for president. For championing the power of women. And for always speaking with the utmost heart."

Payal Wadhwa

Head of Innovation, Strategy and Design at Frog

“Lauren is one of the most inspiring people I’ve worked with. She has a ton to share in a manner that makes you want to learn it. Sign up. Join. Be there if you can.”.

Ewan McIntosh

Founder of NoTosh

"Lauren is the queen of lifting women up. Watch and learn."

Chief Experience Officer EY EMEIA & CEO Doberman Nordics

Lisa Lindstrom

"She's brave. Every time. Lauren's gift is making people feel brave."

Kaylin Aarts

Leadership Coach

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You'll learn to identify the false truths that fuel your imposter syndrome 

3 questions to ask yourself

You'll connect with new people and 
find new community

"You can't be what you can't see"

Building your confidence

You'll feel more equipped to take on challenges in your personal and professional life


Three ways to activate confidence in you and your community

Whatever your WHY

this workshop is for you

Your seat is waiting for you


The world needs a feminist overhaul. We live in a world that is painfully imbalanced.

It is not okay that women are taught to feel less than…That we are rewarded for staying small, and “being grateful”.

We’re left out of the rooms where the quality of our lives is decided upon.

So, what’s the solution? How can we fix this? How can we create new power and change reality for the next generation of women?

Let me introduce you to UPFRONT.

Do you believe that far more women could and should have more power and influence? Do you believe we need to create a society where all women are listened to? Do you believe that incredible change starts with one woman using her voice? I do.

I want to show you why the way you think about confidence is broken. I want you to make your team watch this workshop. Hell, make your kids watch it too.

When women activate their confidence - the world changes.

P.S Here’s some nice stuff you said about our last Masterclass

Thank you @_laurencurrie_ for this amazing masterclass. So inspiring and really got me thinking!” 

“I went to Lauren Currie’s masterclass last night and WOW!! Lauren is truly out of this world. It was the push I needed to do a ScaryThing (TM) this morning 🚀”

Thank you  @_laurencurrie_for this masterclass!  For recognising how race, class,  gender etc. All interplay to impact on how you show up in the world... for supporting women to have confidence, power and presence!  I am off to say what I think....”

What you say ...


What you'll get from this workshop

Sofya Bourne

Dr Ambreen Shah

Senior UX Researcher @Onifdo

Non-Exec Director, SmallWood Trust

Product Owner & Co-Founder, Women in Tech York

Rebecca Rafferty


Are you ready to break the imposter syndrome cycle ?

In this interactive talk, Lauren Currie, Founder and CEO of UPFRONT to dive deep into the origins of imposter syndrome and discuss how this concept is impacting how you are showing up in the world, at work and at home.

You don't have Imposter Syndrome

Lauren Currie




You'll dive deep into the relationship between self doubt, connections and privilege

You'll learn about how white feminism shows up in Imposter Syndrome and the reality of code switching

You'll be introduced to the phenomenal idea of confidence whiplash

Do you want to be part of the confidence revolution? YES!

Your confidence revolution might happen:

💼 at work - making your team meetings more effective and helping your team work better together.

🏠 at home - changing things so labour is more equally split at home.

🏛️ in your community - engaging with local issues.

📈 starting your own business - freedom and wealth on your terms.

💵 earning more money - asking for a raise and learning how to negotiate.

🤝🏼 leadership - giving yourself permission to lead where you are.

❔ saying what you think - getting so good at saying what you think you start to enjoy it.

When millions of women learn confidence, it changes the world.

It changes elections. It builds businesses. It influences policy. 

It means CHANGE. 

It means not settling .

Get ready for a lot of feels and strategies you can implement NOW!

This workshop will feel




Wednesday 11th May 2022

8PM BST | 3pm ET  | 12PM PT